Crystal Cave of Bermuda

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 Crystal caves in Bermuda is about 120 feet under the ground and is one of the largest caves in Bermuda. The caves are the most famous of many subterranean caves in Bermuda and are located in Hamilton Parish, close to Castle Harbor.

The clarity is so perfect that it is possible to see the cave floor, which at one point lies 55 feet below the deep blue underground Cahow Lake. The cave features a variety of formations that include: soda straws and stalactites. However, some crystal formations have been damaged by earthquakes in the far past.

Crystal is the most famous and visited cave in Bermuda. It's believed to have been discovered by two 14-year-old boys in 1905 when they went looking for their lost ball. Instead of going down via 140 feet of strong rope tied to a tree like they did, you can walk down 83 steps to view the magnificent crystal stalactites and stalagmites. You can only touch two broken-off crystals because they take hundreds of years to grow.

In fact, they grow only a cubic inch every century. Crystal cave is 1.6 million years old and that's considered young. Down below you can explore the crystals along a wooden floating pontoon walkway that sits on top of a clear 55-foot-deep lake.

The Crystal Caves Bermuda is owned by the Wilkinson family since 1884. It has been dubbed “ Crystal” because of the crystal clear blue pool of water that occupies it.

Indeed, the water is so clear that its transparency offers a view of the cave floor. In certain points, the cave has a depth of 55 feet below the water surface. Adorning the caves are numerous stalactites and stalagmites formed over several million years.


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