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 Gudalajara was founded in 1542. Known as the "City of the Roses"(roses bloom 365 days a year), it is in fact the second most important city in is the cradle of Mexican folklore and the traditional culture that is most representative of the nation: mariachi music, charrería and tequila.It is considered a colonial city, though much of its architecture dates from the independence period. The city enjoys a temperate climate that averages 27 degrees centigrade or 80 degrees Fahrenheit the year round. It has a culture of rural tradition, now complemented by modern industrial development and commercial expansion

Location of Guadalajara:

Guadalajara is located in the state of Jalisco in the center of Mexico. It is 350 miles west of Mexico City. If you would like to combine your visit to Guadalajara with some time on the beach, Puerto Vallarta is a good choice (a three and a half hours drive away).

Guadalajara's History:

The word Guadalajara comes from the Arab word "Wadi-al-Hajara", which means "Valley of stones". The city is named after the Spanish city of the same name, which was the hometown of conquistador Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, who founded the Mexican city in 1531. The city was moved three times before finally settling at its present location in 1542 after the previous locations were found to be inhospitable. Guadalajara was named the capital of the state in 1560.


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